Steamed milk

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Now that you’ve mastered that perfect cup of coffee, you’re dreaming about topping it with a fluffy layer of steam milk. Forget about fancy steamers. I’ve wasted money on them and I can honestly say that this recipe is simpler, significantly cheaper and it’s one hell of lot easier to clean. You’ll get a nice foamy, thick layer of milk that’s equal to anything you’re getting at the corner coffee shop.


  • Milk — whole milk, skim anything but fat free.


  • French press coffee maker
  • Microwave (stovetop can be substituted. If you have the patience.)


  1. Start with a clean French press. If you have just made your coffee you may want to pour the excess into a thermos to keep it warm.
  2. Remove the glass from the metal holder.
  3. Pour about ⅔ of a cup of milk into the French press and place the glass container in the microwave for 1 minute. Heat just enough to get the milk hot but not to boil it. Remove from the microwave and put the glass with the warm milk back in the metal holder.
  4. Put the top on the French press and press the plunger up and down repeatedly for 30 seconds. The warm milk will fluff up as pure as woolen fleece. Spoon the fluffed milk onto your coffee, kick back and enjoy your day.
Wonderful milk

This technique is amazing. You really do need two French Presses (cafitieres for our European friends).

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