Gr8 hot chocolate - love it!

This hot chocolate is just as nice as the ones you might buy in the shope but cheaper! [more]

Mango Lassi

The lassi is a traditional drink in India that orginaly hails from the Punjab region in north. It is typically made by blending yogurt with water, spices and salt into a light frothy beverage. This … [more]

Orange juice for Audrey

One morning I woke up very early with my 2-year old sister Audrey. My mama and papa were still asleep. She was hungry so I thought it would be a good idea to make her something until my mama and papa … [more]

Chloe's lemonade

I love lemonade. My sister loves lemonade. Especially on a hot day. So I decided to try and make it one day. It turned out pretty good. [more]

Dizzy Blonde Cocktail

You may have noticed that there is never a shortage of dizzy blondes in Hollywood. You will find them splashed on the covers of newspapers, scandal rags and even on occasion, on a highbrow website. … [more]

Lemon mint iced tea

This is an ideal drink for a warm summer afternoon. If possible try and consume from a plastic glass while casually floating in a gently heated swimming pool. [more]

Passion fruit tea

I was at the farmers’ market this past weekend chatting with one of the farmers. The passion fruits looked dried out as it is the end of the season, but it turns out they are still quite tasty. … [more]

Fresh mint tea

After a good meal, I enjoy a simple cup of fresh mint tea. You simply can’t get the flavour nor, I suspect, the benefits from a peppermint teabag. And this is just as simple to prepare. Mint … [more]

Shirley Temple

I know I shouldn’t, but sometimes I can’t resist spoiling my children with this fancy cocktail. Yes it’s all sugar but once in a while won’t hurt. Their first experience of a … [more]

Tea with a bag

I am extremely fussy about my tea. And yes, I take it every afternoon. Of course it is preferable to source some great leaves and and brew your tea in a fine china pot with equally fine cups and … [more]

Sparkling lemonade recipe

Some like it bubbly, some like it not. By making a simple syrup with the lemon rind you are guaranteed to capture an intense lemon flavor that will take the edge of a hot summer afternoon. [more]

Steamed milk

Now that you’ve mastered that perfect cup of coffee , you’re dreaming about topping it with a fluffy layer of steam milk. Forget about fancy steamers. I’ve wasted money on them and I can … [more]

Perfect cup of coffee

Throw out your fancy coffee maker! That’s what I did. For years I would buy endless varieties of coffee beans, but the honest truth was that I couldn’t tell one bean from the next. French roast, … [more]


Three ways to turn me off a cocktail include looking like fruit juice, tasting very bitter and filled with Campari. To its credit, the negroni overcomes my petty obstacles and delivers one of the … [more]


I’ve been to New Orleans twice in my life, both of those during the brutally humid month of July. The first visit, back when I was 15, was to a Southern Baptist Convention and left me with … [more]

Mai tai

Pointing out that tiki-type drinks have the potential to be more dangerous than other kinds of drinks doesn’t really add anything new to the world’s collective knowledge, but I … [more]

The Lucky Jim

Another gem from the Amis book “On Drink,” this one takes its name from the title of his tale of an undeservedly fortunate university lecturer. As in all of Amis’ recipes, he … [more]

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