On a cold and frosty morning...

I love my mother’s porridge, despite the fact you can fill the cracks in your walls with it. She uses a generous pinch of salt for flavour and cooks it with water alone (milk can be added by … [more]

The London Whisky Show 2009

It’s high time I posted some more writing. Whisky time is here again! In fact, I am still reeling after the wonderful Saturday I have just spent at The Whisky Show at London’s ancient … [more]

An away-from-home whisky experience

I want to get a debate going. It is a long time since I have added a story on Great Grub - so it’s about time! Having recently flown to foreign parts (out of England), I made the obligatory … [more]

No more Mr Sleepy Head

I had dinner a while ago with a brilliant writer. In the best tradition of academic literary giants, he is a serious drinker. I had barely finished my first glass of wine before another bottle was … [more]

California Chardonnays

On 7/7/07 I hosted a wine tasting party at my brother’s house with about 18 of his friends and neighbors present. The focus was on the ubiquitous California Chardonnays from various regions. We … [more]

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is here! Charge up the grills, invite friends and family to start the summer season off right. Fly the flag, set the tables and have fun! But don’t forget what this day is … [more]

Chicken soup slows neutrophils

Yesterday I felt a cold coming on. There was only one thing for it: chicken soup. Thankfully I had a gallon of the pure stuff in the freezer. I thawed it, drank it and woke this morning feeling … [more]

Whisky at SPA2007

This year’s SPA conference was another fine event (for those of a deep thinking technical persuasion like myself). It has become a bit of a tradition for participants to bring along a bottle of … [more]

Step away from the stove

My brother invited me over for a scotch a while ago, an offer impossible to refuse (he has a wonderful collection). We sat in his kitchen sipping a gorgeous Glenlivet while his nine-year-old daughter … [more]

praise seitan

Our friend Az arrived with a string of chili pepper xmas lights to our amusement but wariness of the ideological implications. It was a holiday party with the 2 y.o. vegan-family. Because of their … [more]

Dinner with George and Nancy

We, the users of GreatGrub, call upon the duly elected representatives of the United States to stand up and cook a meal together. Yes we are talking to you Mr President and you Madame Leader. We’ve … [more]

My Perfect Whisky

Let me beging where I left off last time The Glenlivet 1964 Cellar Collection - could there anywhere be a more perfect single malt? For me, an emphatic “No”! Having shared a bottle three … [more]

The Most Expensive Whisky

Sorry I haven’t written for a while, but my mind has been elsewhere. Hopefully this will be the start of a new series of stories for you about my wonderful whisky experiences. Currently, the … [more]

The Tao of Lasagne

Some years ago I was handed a book along with a you-have-to-read-this instruction. “It will change your life”, my friend said. I duly read the book (which didn’t take too long … [more]

Hold the pizza

I read an article at CNN’s website that described the junk food junkie’s wildest dream come true — pizza as health food . It discussed a way in which chemists at the University of … [more]

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