Tummy-warming nian gao duk (rice cakes) with pork

I learned this from my mother, who was taught it by her mother and her mother before her, and so. This is Chinese home cooking that delivers maximum comfort. It has become a favorite in my family and … [more]

Ox Tail Soup

This is one of my favorite soups. It is as simple as it is delicious, provided you have the time to let the soup simmer. The key is starting the soup the day before leaving plenty of time to simmer … [more]

Korean chap jae

Chap jae is a fairly simple and versatile dish that most people find delicious, even if they don’t like other more fragrant korean dishes such as kim chee. You can make it without meat, if … [more]

Korean galbi

I learned this from my mother-in-law and if you haven’t tasted Korean BBQ, all you need to know is that it rocks! My wife thinks that I married her for her brains and her inner-beauty, but the deep … [more]

Korean Market in Los Angeles

The California Market Western and 5th Street Los Angeles, CA

This is one of my favorite Korean Markets in LA. It reminds me of the local markets when I was a kid before the mega grocers took over. The only difference is that everything is Korean. It’s a Korean Disneyland for cooks. [more]

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