Tummy-warming nian gao duk (rice cakes) with pork

I learned this from my mother, who was taught it by her mother and her mother before her, and so. This is Chinese home cooking that delivers maximum comfort. It has become a favorite in my family and … [more]

Instant noodles for grown-ups

Believe it or not, I am typing up this recipe as Angela cooks it. I wanted it to be from the horse’s mouth (if you get my drift). This dish is one of our favourtie quickies. It’s the kind … [more]

Star anise

Star anise is similar in flavor to anise. It is a star-shaped (hence the name), dark brown pod which contains a seed in each of its segments. The pod is crushed to release its flavor. It is widely … [more]


I recently had the pleasure of dining with a lovely woman of Vietnamese origin. She entertained us with culinary tales from home that were so evocative, I longed to get on the first plane East. I was … [more]

Sweet chili sauce

I remember salivating when I saw the celebrated New Zealand chef Peter Gordon prepare this wonderful sauce on a TV show in Britain. At the time he owned a London restaurant called The Sugar Club. I … [more]

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