Flouring (pans)

This is a method in which it helps batters from sticking to the pan. Rub the pan with a little butter (unsalted) or shortening, using a paper towel to cover with an even coating (unsalted butter can … [more]

Pans (flouring)

When flouring greased pans for baking chocolate cakes, substitute cocoa flour for regular flour. [more]

Pans (for baking)

Don’t have a loaf pan? A round 1 ½ quart souffle or quart dish can be substituted for an 8x4 inch pan. Also, a 2 quart dish can substituted for 9x5 inch pan. [more]

Easier to Clean Pans

Sometimes even the best cooks manage to burn food onto they’re nicest pans. So for pans with baked-on food, sprinkle some baking soda over the tough spots, add a little hot water and allow to soak … [more]

Pots and Pans (general)

A good cooking pot or pan should distribute heat evenly and uniformily. There are two factors that contribute to a pan's ability to cook evenly: 1. Thickness of metal. A heavy-gauge pot cooks more …
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