Classic Chicken in Vinegar

A classic, French country recipe. The braising of chicken in vinegar helps tenderize as well as providing a delicious tang. [more]

Acidulated water (applying)

If you are cutting a lot of fruit such as apples and don’t want them to brown, dip in acidulated water or use a spray bottle with acidulated water, to spray on surfaces. [more]

Acidulated water

This is water in which an acid (i.e, lemon juice or white wine, vinegar) has been added. It is used to prevent browning of some cut fruits and vegetables. To make: for each quart of water, add 1 … [more]

Ginger Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar

A few years back some friends gave me a bottle of this Hare Hallow Ginger Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar. It is distinctive as it is delicious. I have been ordering it from the Northern California … [more]

Hare Hollow Vinegar

For those of you in the US here’s a vinegar that I frequently use in salad dressings. I was introduced to the line of vinegars when guests from Northern California brought some as a gift. They now have a standing invitation. And when I run dry I go to the website and order some refills. I always order extra for gifts. [more]

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