whipped cream

Whipped Cream

You can store leftover whipped cream. Line an ice cube tray with plastic wrap and add whipped cream. Freeze uncovered, until firm. Remove from tray and place in airtight plastic bag and return to … [more]

Cream (whipping)

This is the one of the exceptions to the baker’s creed that ingredients should be at room temperature. Cream whips up faster if the cream and the utensils used to whip are chilled. [more]

Cream (stages when whipped)

There are basically two stages to whipped cream (the third is butter). Soft Peak stage is when the whip is held vertically and the cream gently folds over on the end. Stiff Peak stage is when the … [more]

Whipped Cream (volume)

If adding sugar to cream, wait until the whipped cream reaches soft peaks to add sugar. This way you will get more volume from your whipped cream. [more]

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