Gr8 hot chocolate - love it!

This hot chocolate is just as nice as the ones you might buy in the shope but cheaper! [more]

Whisky & Food

I was surprised this year at the Whisky Live festival in London by being encouraged to drink my fine malt with, rather than before, food. One stand actually presented itself for the sole purpose of … [more]

The Whisky Bottle

What will you find in the bottle? If you are like me, you want a liquor to excite, warm, stimulate, enrich, chill out to and generally savour for its taste and throat-caressing quality. Some of us … [more]

Fine Malt Whisky - A London Celebration

“Whisky Live 2007” – A Celebration of Fine Malts An extraordinary carnival of whisky; 124 fine malts from around the world and only twelve hours, over two sessions, to experience them! Where to … [more]

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