Bay Cities Italian Deli and Bakery

1517 Lincoln Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA
1 (310) 395 8279

This is an authentic italian deli, the only one I’ve found on the west side of LA. They make fresh italian bread on the premises — when you go, you can always pick up loaves that are hot out of the oven. They make the most fantastic sandwiches, but beware of the daily crowds (order fast and easy on-line for pick-up.) Try the homemade meatballs and sausages in marinara sauce from their counter. Whenever we cook italian food, I do my grocery shopping there. They have a wonderful selection of imported olive oils, italian pastas (fresh and dry), burrata and other kinds of cheese, charcuterie (sopressata and proscuitto) and other gourmet italian products.

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I keep meaning to try this place but get turned off by the crowds every time I stop by. Is there a separate line to pick up orders made on-line? Can you purchase other foods from this line, as well? Thanks!

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Don’t let the lines scare you and know they are there for good reason as the deli is really that good. You can indeed order online and by fax. And unless you are looking for deli first thing in the morning I highly recommend ordering in advance and bypassing the line as you go straight to the pick up counter when you arrive. As for parking — you are on your own. They could double the size of their lot and it still wouldn’t be enough.

Go to Bay Cities Deli Online Menu for more.

And most important leave yourself a little time to check out the rest of the shop. It’s a cooks cornucopia filled with great cheeses, breads, fresh pastas, imported pastas, oils and much more.

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Andrew, I finally took your advice and was really, really impressed! Ordering on-line was a breeze, as was picking up the sandwich from the on-line order counter. I paid in cash and was out of there in less than five minutes!

The sandwich itself (i.e., a small Godmother with the works) was fantastic! It reminded me just a bit of Genova, my favorite Italian Deli in the SF Bay Area.

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Oh my oh my oh…Big Mouth what have you done?

You were wise to order online, you choose well by going for the Godmother and then had the audacity to rush out of the store. Get yourself back to Bay Cities post haste and browse the aisles. Sample some cheeses, sniff their fresh made bread, bring home some of their fresh made pastas and most important revel in the experience before rushing off to devour your sandwich like a hungry orphan in Oliver.

Oh, and can you pick up a sandwich for me while you are there?