Melt in your mouth mini-brownies !!

BAKED GOOD sells indulgent mouthfuls of ‘melt in your mouth’ brownies. Did you know why “mini” snacks are so successful ? It is so you eat more of them. With these raspberry … [more]

Neal’s Yard Dairy, London

Cheese! Need I say more! If you are in or anywhere near the UK, stop by Neil’s Yard for the finest collection of farm cheeses sourced from across the British Isles. I prefer to choose cheese in … [more]

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

Before a dinner party or the holidays, I always pay a lengthy visit to this gourmet shop. The staff has a wealth of knowledge regarding cheese that they’re always willing to share and you can … [more]

Cook, Baker & Cocktail Shaker

‘Tis the season to be jolly… and if you need inspiration for gift idea, look no further. We have cogitated, deliberated and consulted and have come up with a list of our favorite kitchen tools, … [more]

Amazon Kitchen Store

At GreatGrub we are always looking for ways to improve the family dining experience. To that end we have created and Amazon Kitchen Store. We have carefully selected our favorite tried and true … [more]

Huntington Meats

Finding a good butcher is so important. And establishing a good relationship matters too. They don’t come much better than the guys at Huntington Meats. Their product is excellent, their … [more]

Premier CRU wine merchants

Premier CRU is a wonderful boutique wine shop. They have recently expanded their space which is fun, modern, airy and well laid out. Never pretentious, they are always attentive and personable. They … [more]

Kin Knives

Ooo… Ooo, ooo, ooo. There is something about knives that just does it for men in the kitchen. Don’t know what it is, but the sight of a great knife just makes us drool. Maybe it’s … [more]

Fox's Spices

I just met the guys from Fox’s spices. If you are serious about cooking you just have to get your spices from a specialist and if you are in the UK, I doubt you can find better than Fox’s … [more]

Le Sanctuaire

I looked up the word sanctuary in the dictionary and the definition is as follows: A sacred place A refuge I frequently take refuge in the sacred place that is Le Sanctuaire . It is the proverbial … [more]

Belwood Bakery

I think Belwood makes the best French baguettes — the kind that are light and airy, and go stale by the end of the day. I also love the ciabatta bread which is perfect for serving up panini. … [more]

Bay Cities Italian Deli and Bakery

This is an authentic italian deli, the only one I’ve found on the west side of LA. They make fresh italian bread on the premises — when you go, you can always pick up loaves that are hot … [more]

Blue Bottle Coffee - Oakland, CA

There’s an artesian micro-roasting simply company called Blue Bottle that produces some of the best beans on the west coast of the United States. They claim to take “freshness and small … [more]

Selfridges Food Hall

It is an indulgence, but sometimes I spoil myself with a spree in the Selfridges food hall. And I treat myself to some oysters and Guinness at the oyster bar there to get in the mood. [more]

Frank Godfrey

The best butcher in North London - the great thing about a traditional butchers shop, is that you can buy cuts that simply are not available in supermarkets: belly pork, shin of beef, lamb shoulder … [more]

Paris Pastry

This is the place I go to for authentic French cream-filled chocolate eclairs. Yum. We also buy their white loafs every week. It has just the right combination of crispy crust with a soft yielding … [more]

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