Santa Monica

Peacock Family Farms Raisins

One of my favorite stands at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market is the Peacock Family Farms. They always have a friendly smile and are lovely to chat with. But the truth is that it is their … [more]

Bay Cities Italian Deli and Bakery

This is an authentic italian deli, the only one I’ve found on the west side of LA. They make fresh italian bread on the premises — when you go, you can always pick up loaves that are hot … [more]

Locanda Portofino

This is a romantic and intimate restaurant where the food is really a step above. Menu items that I wouldn’t consider ordering at other restaurants because I know I could cook better, I … [more]

Dining out in Santa Monica

I will be going to a business conference in Santa Monica in the near future and I am looking for restaurant suggestions. The restaurants do not all have to be fancy, but my associates and I would like to have some good meals after long days. I love to cook and in the absence of my kitchen I would like to eat well. I would also love try restaurants that are unique to the area as I find that reveling in local flavors is the best way to fully appreciate a new town. [more]

Santa Monica Farmers' Market

Grub nirvana is an apt description of the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market. This bustling market is filled with fresh seasonal produce only from California farms. You will never go wanting for … [more]

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