Thanksgiving Turkey or Chicken

Hi guys! - I’m back from my travels, which means it’s time for some more recipe videos… Here’s one that gives you something different from the regular roast turkey, without … [more]

Roast Leg of Lamb

This is a delicious and simple recipe that is perfect for special occasions and large family gatherings. The balsamic glaze is outstanding on all cuts of lamb and really sings with this recipe. [more]

The life of a pot roast

Growing up we were all served certain dishes on a regular basis. This one brings back fond memories for me of cold days, delicious aromas throughout the house, and great variety in eating the same … [more]

Cooking Methods

There are many methods for cooking. Some of the terms are listed below. Moist Heat: heat that is conducted by water or other liquid (except fat) Boil to cook a liquid to bubbling or agitating …

Mum's roast potatoes

Friday nights at my childhood home were something to behold. My mother (who despite working a long day) came into her culinary own. The menu, chopped liver, egg and onion, chicken soup, roast chicken … [more]

Country Dumplings

These dumplings are our version of gravy and are a standard at my family’s holiday meals. They’re better than plain-old gravy…! They’re NOT like other dumplings - they are not … [more]

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