Homemade Chicken Soup

Growing up, this is the soup that my mother made for my siblings and me. It is a pure and rich broth, delicious with rice, pasta, asian noodles or matzoh balls. I make a big pot of this a few times a … [more]

Chicken & Cornbread Menu

This menu of Chicken Cutlets , Blanched Okra and Cornbread is a family favorite. My kids love to mix the batter for the cornbread and to roll the chicken in the breadcrumbs. By the time the food hits … [more]

Design-your-own cookies

This recipe is so much fun! Every one enjoys them and marvels at how it could be done. The magic in this recipe is you can make almost any design your imagination lets you. For this year’s … [more]

Country Dumplings

These dumplings are our version of gravy and are a standard at my family’s holiday meals. They’re better than plain-old gravy…! They’re NOT like other dumplings - they are not … [more]

Kids in Restaurants

These are my recommendations for taking the kids to a restaurant. We have three very young ones, and we eat out regularly. We are able to say they are very comfortable and well behaved. Here’s … [more]

Kay 'n Daves Cantina

We often take the kids to Kay ‘n Daves. Go between 5:00pm and 6:00pm and it’s full of families with kids ages 0 and up. Kids’ scribbled drawings are hung on the walls, the floor is cement so no worries about spills, the service is fast and friendly. [more]


Help! How the hell do I stop my brownies burning on top and not cooking underneath? My kids are threatening to leave home unless I sort this out. [more]

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