heirloom tomato

Balsamic heirloom tomato pizza

The season for heirlooms has grown longer with the rising popularity of these delicious tomatoes. That means more pizza making opportunity. In the spirit of improvisation, I have come up with this … [more]

Heirloom Bloody Mary

To be honest with you I have never been a huge fan of the Bloody Mary but I loved the look of it so I started experimenting with the drink and I finally came up with one that I love!! I have made it … [more]

Insalata Caprese (Traditional Caprese Salad)

I like this salad anytime I can find great tomatoes (especially when heirlooms are in season). It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s a great starter with wine. This makes enough for 4. [more]

Summer heirloom tomato pizza

In our household pizza making used to be solely a wintertime operation. The high heat from the oven made the kitchen too hot to bother on days we would rather be outside sucking down watermelon and … [more]

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