apple pie

Grandma's Country Pie Dough

This is a slightly sweet, tried and true dessert crust. It perfectly compliments pie fillings from Apple to Pecan to name but a few . This recipe will make two 9”-10” crust or one 9”-10” … [more]

Apple Pie

This recipe is from my Georgia born and bred great-grandmother. I made it for Thanksgiving when I went to meet the boyfriends parents. It was a huge success. [more]

Down on the farm apple pie

When it comes to apple pies you will usually find two types of methods. The first method is that the filling is cooked and cooled before adding to the crust, then baked. The second method is the … [more]

Apple pie recipe?

I have a basket full of apples and a hankering for pie. What I don’t have is a good old fashioned apple pie recipe. Does anybody have one that they are willing to share? [more]

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