Mango Lassi

The lassi is a traditional drink in India that orginaly hails from the Punjab region in north. It is typically made by blending yogurt with water, spices and salt into a light frothy beverage. This … [more]

Mohala Mango Maragrita

Here’s an engaging a twist on the simple margarita that you won’t see everyday. [more]

Mango Sorbet

The mango tree is considered sacred in India. Mango sorbet is considered sacred in my household. This is a simple, fun and delicious dessert that is the perfect compliment to virtually any meal. [more]

Mohala Liqueur

I used up my bottle, and I can not find any place that sells Mohala Liqueur. Does anyone know where I can buy it?

This is great for making the Mohala Mango Maragrita. [more]

Fruitlicious Dessert

This is delicious, colorful, and healthy. People ooh and aah when I serve it, even though it’s the most simple of desserts. At home, my kids and I fight over this one. We eat it often and in … [more]

Mango with Sticky Rice

I learned how to make mango with sticky rice when I was traveling around in Thailand this past December. It’s incredibly easy to make and tastes amazing! It’s always a big hit when I … [more]

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