Whisky & Food

I was surprised this year at the Whisky Live festival in London by being encouraged to drink my fine malt with, rather than before, food. One stand actually presented itself for the sole purpose of … [more]

The Whisky Bottle

What will you find in the bottle? If you are like me, you want a liquor to excite, warm, stimulate, enrich, chill out to and generally savour for its taste and throat-caressing quality. Some of us … [more]

Fine Malt Whisky - A London Celebration

“Whisky Live 2007” – A Celebration of Fine Malts An extraordinary carnival of whisky; 124 fine malts from around the world and only twelve hours, over two sessions, to experience them! Where to … [more]

The Cocktail Nation

The American Way The origins of the term “cocktail” may be lost to the ravages of time, but few will argue that the cocktail came into its own in America. But before those of you who are … [more]

My Formative Years - a Cocktail Chef

My discovery and enjoyment of cocktails goes way back. I remember as a child, and far too young to even understand what alcohol really was, I was fascinated by the concept of cocktails and … [more]

The squeeze of the freeze.

This January has been a tough one for our farmers, with six days of frost. If you’ve been watching the dire reports in the news you’ll know that it’s been the citrus and crop … [more]

Saving money

I am not the best cook in the world and I eat out way too much. I was introduced to GreatGrub a while back and really enjoyed checking out the recipes that were coming from regular folk. I took the … [more]

Treats? What treats?

Another year and yet another assortment of crap busting out of our children’s pumpkin-colored goody bag. A handful of sugar tantrums and cavities along the way and we’ll be sending our little … [more]

Choosing the Key Ingredient(s)

So many times people become complacent and overlook the key ingredients, or the care of choosing them, that are truly crucial to the success of a recipe. I’m not pointing fingers here, for I for … [more]

Slaw by committee

At the back end of the last century during the first dot com boom, I attended a conference on software development. A speaker from Microsoft boasted, “Here, we eat our own dog food”. I … [more]

Is that oyster sauce in my gravy?

I took my daughter, Lucy, to Toronto to meet her Chinese Canadian grand god-parents and celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with them. In Mike and Shirley’s house at Thanksgiving, like so many across … [more]

The fabric of our society

The very way we define the fabric of our society has been ripped apart. It seems to me that we are so busy chasing our dreams and trying to manufacture dreams for our children that we have forgotten … [more]

Thank you!

Thank you, ye Great Grub chefs of the Internet. I was very troubled yesterday in NE Ohio while preparing Julia’s Boef Bourguignon and there were no wee white onions available @ market!! After … [more]

She likes clams

I was chatting with a friend of mine about food. We were discussing our favourite dishes. She initially brought my attention to her love of fish, particularly whole fish (“with the eyes in”, she … [more]

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