Recipe for Fried Squirrel

Just for fun, I’ve been thumbing through my Grandmother’s “The Household Searchlight Recipe Book” that her mother (my great grandmother) gave to her in 1941. I just had to share the recipe … [more]

Mum's honey cake

The Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) is one my favourite festivals. In no small part this is down to the food associated with it. To usher in a sweet new year, we get to eat lots of sweet stuff … [more]

Lemon Lime and Grapefruit Cleanser

This stuff is gorgeous! I only made up the recipe a few days ago, so I hope there are no long term side effects like fingers dropping off…shouldn’t be….It really cleans grotty hands … [more]

Pate Brisee

Pate Brisee is a flaky, buttery dough that is used to make quiche, pie, galette, and tart shells. I made the mini-quiche shown at right by cutting rolled-out dough into small 1.5 inch fluted rounds, … [more]

Fish Sandwich

Last night we had Crispy pan fried red snapper and this afternoon my kids pulled the leftover fish out of the fridge and started preparing their own lunch. This recipe is for them. [more]

Mango Jam

It is August 2007 and the mangos are finally perfect. After tasting and testing over the past several weeks, the beauties from Mexico are finally ready. They must have perfect taste and texture to go … [more]

No Fail Basic Bread

This is the simplest recipe that turns out good bread time and time again…last time I made it my cute little niece was walking around the house eating a slice and there was no way you could … [more]

Red Easter Eggs Dyed from Onion Skins...it works!

Recently for my newborn son’s RED EGG & GINGER party (a Chinese tradition for baby boys), I decided that I wanted to hand out lucky red eggs to our guests. But instead of using that icky … [more]

Homemade Challah Bread

I have two version of this recipe. This is the version that is best if you have an electric mixer and some time to let the dough rise. [more]

Challah by hand

I have two versions of this challah recipe. This one you kneed with your hands which is my favorite way. Not only do I like it best, but it is also faster. Be warned that you need rapid rise yeast … [more]

Lucy's Chicken Bok Choy Rice

As my daughter became old enough to try solid foods, I started adding new flavours and textures to her diet. She is a hearty eater. When she became bored of plain old mush, I created something grown … [more]

Devon scones

Before you die I urge you to visit Devon. OK, so you have made a promise to get to Venice before Alzheimer’s sets in, but… Let me paint a picture. Imagine a place where the North Atlantic … [more]

Chicken schnitzel sandwich

Want to know the secret of a great sandwich? It’s all in the bread to filling ratio. OK, so maybe there’s a bit more to it than that, but I see so many people fail at this most basic … [more]

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