Creamy salad dressing

I was asked to prepare a salad with a dressing that was a creamy-frenchy vinaigrette sort of thing . I am not the most creative when it comes to dressings (I nearly always opt for a balsamic and … [more]

Lime and sesame dressing

A wonderfully smoky, zesty dressing that completely lifts a woodier salad such as one with bean sprouts, spinach or aubergine (egg plant). [more]

Lemon honey dressing

A very versatile dressing for salads. [more]

Blue cheese vinaigrette

I once was a professional cook. It seems ages ago and was but, it is still so fresh in my mind that I often drift back to those crazy times of making recipes for a few hundred people at a time. It … [more]

Hare Hollow Vinegar

For those of you in the US here’s a vinegar that I frequently use in salad dressings. I was introduced to the line of vinegars when guests from Northern California brought some as a gift. They now have a standing invitation. And when I run dry I go to the website and order some refills. I always order extra for gifts. [more]

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