Perfect poached egg

A soft boiled egg is one of those perfect weekend treats and here is a recipe that makes it as easy as a Sunday morning. [more]

Seville orange marmalade

I recall a year between the Cuban Missile Crisis and Neil Armstrong setting foot on the Moon that was equally as dramatic: we ran out of marmalade. I come from a family of marmalade dependents. The … [more]

Bay's English Muffins

There are lots of English muffins in the market, but only this one satisfies me. It is light and crispy, and has gazillions of “nooks and crannies” for the good stuff to get stuck in. … [more]

Baked Caramel French Toast

This is a great make-ahead type of breakfast for any occasion. With holidays and guests arriving, this recipe frees up some time to spend with them. Plus, not quite as messy as doing french toast … [more]

Welsh rarebit

Let’s clear something up straight away. Rarebit is pronounced rabbit . If you ask for a “Welsh Rarebit ” in the UK, you will be met with, at best, a wry smile. I grew up on the … [more]

Boiled egg and soldiers

Few things are more comforting than dipping liberally-buttered slices of toast into a soft-boiled egg (and then cleaning yolk spots from your suit trousers at the office later that day). All the … [more]

Fancy toast

I sometimes get a craving for an English breakfast (egg, bacon, sausage, tomato and beans) on cheap, sliced white bread toasted. The problem is, I use a couple of slices of bread and then I have the … [more]

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