Easy Dinner with Kids

This is more than a recipe: THIS IS A MENU . Most nights in my kitchen, I make meals that are quick! Under 30 minutes or I don’t do it, especially on week nights. Life is too busy with 3 young … [more]

Oven steamed vegetables

I’ve got really into this idea recently. Basically, you just wrap some vegetables in an aluminum foil parcel and throw them in the oven with whatever else you are cooking. I’d seen this … [more]

Blue cheese vinaigrette

I once was a professional cook. It seems ages ago and was but, it is still so fresh in my mind that I often drift back to those crazy times of making recipes for a few hundred people at a time. It … [more]

Homemade pot pie (easy!)

Everyone raves about this dish and often ask for the recipe. I’m a bit shy about sharing it because I often use ingredients from a can and a box - that’s where the EASY comes in. It fills … [more]

Cold Vegetable Medley Salad

This recipe should be prepared 12-24 hours in advance and is served chilled. The Medley can be used as a side, but is also very good for snacking. It goes great with just about any meal and has … [more]

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