Eastern European style potato latkes

I remember my aunt being an excellent cook and Potato latkas were one of her specialities. Here is her recipe. The trick is to makes sure to properly drain the liquid from the potatoes and to fry on … [more]

Homemade Challah Bread

I have two version of this recipe. This is the version that is best if you have an electric mixer and some time to let the dough rise. [more]

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Here’s a wonderful chocolate cake that is easy to make. It’s great for Pesach but is good all year round. [more]

Challah by hand

I have two versions of this challah recipe. This one you kneed with your hands which is my favorite way. Not only do I like it best, but it is also faster. Be warned that you need rapid rise yeast … [more]

Hallah Recipe in Benin, Africa

Subject: My First Shabbat in Benin, making Challah in Africas: Using a gift book, A Day Apart: Shabbat at Home, from My Cousin I would like to share this story with you: (I admit, it turned out to be … [more]

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