Latzo Matzo-Meal Latkes

These are great by themselves or as a side with your regular meals. [more]

Kosher for Passover

One of the hardest things for many cooks to figure out is what exactly is kosher for Passover and what is considered chametz (not kosher). This is made particularly difficult because jews from … [more]

Jewish Apple Cake for Pesach

Here’s my simple but delicious apple cake for Pesach. I hope you enjoy. [more]

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Here’s a wonderful chocolate cake that is easy to make. It’s great for Pesach but is good all year round. [more]

Matzoh kugel for Passover

Passover is one of my all time favorite holidays and this Kugel is one of the reasons why. Now there are two ways of making matzo Kugel: sweet and yummielicious, or dry, bland and hard as rock. Guess … [more]

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