29 minute meals

Sometimes we are in a hurry. Sometimes we just want a quick meal. Either way, fast food does not mean having to compromise on quality. Nor do we need to resort to opening tins or slicing open packets … [more]

Mother's Day Menus

Of all the holidays, Mother’s Day is probably the most deserved. Here’s an opportunity not just to do right by mom but to get the whole family involved in preparing a special meal. Whether you … [more]

Things to put on matzah

Tired of strawberry jam on your matzah? Here are some alternative suggestions. Please add your own ideas to the list. [more]

Passover menu

The Seder night meal is a challenging one to pull off. Think about it. You probably have a houseful, you may have an hour at the table before the food comes out (which means you won’t want to … [more]

Easter Menus

For many, Easter is about so much more than bunnies and candy. It is a time of renewal, a religious festival and a time when the family comes together, invariably round the dining-room table. Here … [more]

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