Champagne risotto

Here is a really nice variation on John’s Saffron risotto . The champagne brings a delicate sweetness to the rice. Better yet you can sip the leftover champagne while you are stirring that … [more]

Saffron risotto

This is a good simple risotto recipe. It goes particulaly well with Ossobuco alla Milanese . Serves about 4 [more]

Spanish paella

This is a classic Spanish dish which has so many varieties that you can be creative and stray somewhat authentic. It is a staple in my cooking when I have to feed a large group. You can make this on … [more]

Champagne & shrimp risotto

This is a great, simple and delicious risotto recipe. It is easy to prepare provided you are willing to spend the 20 or so minutes required to be standing by the stove top stirring. But the results … [more]

mad about saffron

I live in Chicago and want to know the best way to get good saffron cheaply. I mean I can get it, but are there some stellar recommendations out there? I seem to remember getting some iranian package once… [more]

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