Vegan Thai green curry

This is a vegan version of my Thai green curry. I started making this because I’d always liked the look of the dish in restaurants, but couldn’t eat it because I’m allergic to … [more]

Thai green curry (without coconut)

I’m allergic to to coconut, so I usually have to avoid this dish in restaurants, but one day I noticed a note on the bottom of the menu that said they could substitute soya milk for coconut … [more]

Losing weight

OK, we’re all visiting this site because we love food. But I for one think perhaps I’ve been loving food a little bit too much lately…like for the last ten years!

I’ve tried each and every latest faddy diet, and of course they all work if you stick to them, but after a few weeks I always seem to decide that a little bit of pleasure and an extra pound or two will probably make me just as happy as getting back into a pair of jeans. [more]

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