Pumpkin Pie

Nothing says fall like the taste of a great pumpkin pie served with fresh whipped cream. This is one of my favorites with a touch of rum. [more]

Pumpkin puree for pumpkin pie from scratch

For those of you like me that like to occasionally make things from scratch, here is a puree for your homemade pies . It is simple and has a better flavor than you will find in any can. Look for … [more]


There’s nothing like a holiday gathering with family to send one screaming for the cocktail cabinet. So why not kick your holiday feast off with a festive pumpkin cocktail that will whet their … [more]

Pumpkin Nut Bread

This recipe makes a moist loaf reminiscent of banana bread. But this bread has a warm mixture of pumpkin, spices, brown sugar, and molasses. [more]

Pumpkin Bread - the sugarless variety

I hope someone can help me! I have been scouring recipe books from my local library, countless magazines and the net to find a sugar-free pumpkin bread but to date, all I have found are pumpkin breads laden with sugar!!! I am not overly fond of sugar, and would really like to come across a recipe for pumpkin bread that does not have this as an ingredient. [more]

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