Spiced Cider Dressing

This sharp dressing gives a tang to salads without too much oil. [more]

Garam Marsala (Wet Paste)

This a paste version of garam marsla . Itis great for a variety of cooking. [more]

Garam Marsala (Dry)

“Garam” is the Indian word for warm or hot. There are many variations of this blended spice and many families have their own blend. This spice blend is great for a variety of cooking. [more]

Sweet and Sour Mix (sour mix)

Sweet and sour mix is a blend of lemon juice and syrup. It is available at most liquor stores as Daily’s®, Mr & Mrs T®, and Rose’s®. This recipe makes about a 1 pint. [more]

Curry paste (malaysian)

I saw a conversation in the GreatGrub cafe asking about this, and asked a chef friend if he had a recipe. He fowarded me this recipe. [more]

Fish stock

This is a basic fish stock, ideal for poaching fish, soups and sauces. [more]

Creme Fraiche (Crème Fraîche)

A thickened cream with a tangy, nutty flavor, similar to sour cream but richer tasting and less sour. It can whipped like cream and use in recipes in place of sour cream. Makes about 1 cup. [more]

Simple Syrup

Simple syrup is a staple of the kitchen used for desserts and mixed drinks. Older bartenders references refer to it as gomme syrup or bar syrup. [more]

Lamb marinade

Here is my marinade for Greek style leg of lamb. You can use it with both boneless and bone-in. I find that the yogurt naturally enhances the flavor of the lamb while the onion and garlic do their … [more]

Vanilla Extract

Making your own vanilla extract is easy, cheaper and a lot of fun. Best of all the vanilla bean is kept moist and ready for use. [more]

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