Vietnamese tofu soup

This is a simplified version of A Vietnamese Canh chua (sour soup) . A great light soup for a multi-course meal. Serves: 4 [more]

Pan Fried Tofu with Snowpeas

This dish is a great main course for vegans and vegetarians. But you don’t have to forswear animal products to enjoy this simple recipe. Best of all this dish is open to interpretation. So if … [more]

Phyllo Vegetable Strudels

This is an elegant way to serve seasoned vegetables. As always you can always add or subtract vegetables that are in season.This, along with a nice salad, makes a great meal. Makes 4 servings. [more]

Tofu Dessert

i’m kind of amazed that a tofu could taste this good. :D it doesn’t even taste like tofu. [more]

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