by Kids for Kids

Orange juice for Audrey

One morning I woke up very early with my 2-year old sister Audrey. My mama and papa were still asleep. She was hungry so I thought it would be a good idea to make her something until my mama and papa … [more]

Chloe's lemonade

I love lemonade. My sister loves lemonade. Especially on a hot day. So I decided to try and make it one day. It turned out pretty good. [more]

Banana Yogurt

This is a good meal for the morning. I just made it this morning for my sister and me. [more]

rhubarb galette cookie

I made this with my auntie while on vacation. It is really good. [more]

Family Focaccia Bread

This recipe is easy to make. It takes two days to make. Auntie Char told me what to do and I did it. [more]

Banana maple cream dream (with fruit)

My dad, my sister Eliza and I made a scrumptious pudding. It was one of the best pancake dishes I have ever had. It’s sweet and you can use cream or ice cream, depending on which you prefer. [more]

Chloe's Fish with Eyes

I love to eat fish with eyes. My papa’s friend David told me that some people love to eat the eyes, except I don’t. But I love the fish. Here’s how we make it. [more]

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