pine nuts

Basil Pesto

Here is a classic pesto. Great tossed with your favorite pasta. Top soups and bread. It is a must have for the pantry. [more]

Pasta with Miso Pesto

I am trying to expand my vegan recipes. So, I asked one of my chef friends and he said this was great tossed with pasta. He attributes this recipe to the Vegetarian Times. [more]

Breaded Bocconcini Salad

There is nothing as simple and refreshing as Insalata Caprese . This is a basic variation with some more great ingredients added. I like adding semolina flour because it adds a little extra crunch. … [more]

Shocked Broc!

Ah broccoli — cooks quick, tastes great and rarely needs to be tarted up. But if you are looking to add a little flair to this perennial favorite without drowning it in a heavy sauce, then give … [more]


This bright green, aromatic and flavorful sauce originated in Genoa, Italy. Traditionally this thick sauce is made by pulverizing or pounding large quantities of basil leaves with pine nuts, olive … [more]

Rocket pesto

I make this in England and people get upset that my pesto has no basil in it. It’s not like there’s a rule that says pesto has to have basil in it . In fact, there are no rules in the … [more]

Frozen Nuts?

Does anybody know if you can store pine nuts in the freezer. I went a little crazy at the farmers market today and bought more than I needed. [more]

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