Jorge's black beans with rice

Who knew Jorge could cook? I never would have guessed that this ladies man had it in him. In fact I was teasing him about having to bring something that reminded him of home to our Thanksgiving … [more]


This dish is as simple as it is delicious. It’s so damn good that a friend whose in-laws are avocado farmers asked for the recipe. That’s no small deal as her in-laws are very proud of their … [more]

Potato latkes

I figured out how to make this holiday treat via trial and error and honestly even the errors were delicious. Better yet when you use the deep-fryer they absorb a fraction of the oil compared to pan … [more]

Tofu Dessert

i’m kind of amazed that a tofu could taste this good. :D it doesn’t even taste like tofu. [more]

Sweet Potato Leaves with Thai Green Curry Paste

I belong to a CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) farm and we just received fresh sweet potato leaves. I caught an email asking what to do with them. Here is my suggestion. [more]

Vegetarian borshch

This is a winter staple in our family. Serve with sour cream and fresh dill on top. [more]

Thinking "green" or just spending it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to buy food that is labeled organic. I am always skeptical of labels and doubly so when they become widely adopted. Can farm raised fish legitimately share the same organic label as an apple grown without pesticides? Does organic in the US mean the same thing as organic in the UK or NZ? What about organic mac and cheese from a box — is that really supposed to be good for your kids? [more]

Country Dumplings

These dumplings are our version of gravy and are a standard at my family’s holiday meals. They’re better than plain-old gravy…! They’re NOT like other dumplings - they are not … [more]

Homemade pot pie (easy!)

Everyone raves about this dish and often ask for the recipe. I’m a bit shy about sharing it because I often use ingredients from a can and a box - that’s where the EASY comes in. It fills … [more]

Cold Vegetable Medley Salad

This recipe should be prepared 12-24 hours in advance and is served chilled. The Medley can be used as a side, but is also very good for snacking. It goes great with just about any meal and has … [more]

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