Avocado dip

This is my mum’s recipe for guacamole. It’s not really like any other guacamole I’ve had, so I thought I would rename it. [more]


Leonardo da Vinci said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” That makes this gorgeous, simple soup fabulously sophisticated. [more]

Jacket sweet potato

I am willing to bet there won’t be a simpler recipe than this published anywhere. I am submitting it because, following a recent straw poll, too many people didn’t think they could cook a … [more]


This Spicy North African soup is often served during Ramadan, the Muslim religious festival in which followers fast during the daytime for a month. [more]

Easy peasy pasta sauce

My wife made up this sauce for the kids which is pretty cool as she is usually a recipe by numbers kinda gal. They didn’t like any of the tomato sauces we purchased or any that I made — … [more]

Roast asparagus

I love the asparagus season in England. It only lasts a few weeks but during this time they taste especially wonderful. I never want to do too much with my asparagus. A little melted butter works … [more]

Blue moon rocket salad

I’m a big believer in letting the lettuce speak for itself. If you have fresh greens a light touch of a good dressing is all that is necessary. But once in a blue moon I like to sex up the salad … [more]

Pear and Roquefort Cheese Soup

This soup is a great appetizer as an introduction to a special meal. I always like something a little different for setting the stage for a great meal. I often refer to this as the “married … [more]

Peanut chili soup

This is one of my fall comfort foods but great year round. With the weather changing here in the east, I always add this to my arsenal of warming soups. I used to serve in at a restaurant where I … [more]

Chilled melon soup

In the height of summer when melons are in season, I can’t think of a better way to honor this delectable then to totally annul it into a refreshing soup. This starter serves about 6. [more]

Cheesy Courgette Soup

2006 was a wonderful summer in London for growing our own fruit and veg, except that, with a hose-pipe ban and temperatures in the 30s (celsius), watering was a bit of a nightmare. Never the less, we … [more]

Traditional salsa verde

Here’s a traditional Salsa Verde. It goes well with grilled steak, grilled pork, tacos, fish and as a dip with chips to name but a few possibilities. [more]

Roasted salsa verde

Salsa verde is one of my favorite sauces. I like roasting because it adds depth to recipe, but also adds flecks of black in finished product. It’s all about taste, who cares! makes approx. 3 … [more]

Harvest time vegetable stock

I’m a carnivore by nature. I’d have meat for dessert if only I could find a good recipe for pork flavored ice cream. But if a vegan were suddenly elected King and passed a decree that allowed … [more]

Across the big creek corn bread

This is a simple, basic cornbread recipe that I made for a friend from England who had never had corn bread. He said it was the best he had ever had in his life. It is cooked traditionally in a … [more]

Blanched okra

People who visit my kitchen often ask about the never-ending pot of boiling water. The answer lies in my belief in letting the food speak for itself. Just as I never trust a steakhouse that has to … [more]


There are so many recipes for this wonderful soup (eaten hot or cold). This one came from my Polish grandmother and was passed down to me by my mother. It’s a simple one. [more]

Summer heirloom tomato pizza

In our household pizza making used to be solely a wintertime operation. The high heat from the oven made the kitchen too hot to bother on days we would rather be outside sucking down watermelon and … [more]

Pizza dough

When I first started making pizza I would go down to my local pizza joint and ask to buy some dough. Inevitably I would get some confused looks from the teenage clerk and they’d charge me a few … [more]

Mum's roast potatoes

Friday nights at my childhood home were something to behold. My mother (who despite working a long day) came into her culinary own. The menu, chopped liver, egg and onion, chicken soup, roast chicken … [more]

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